IN THE COUNTRY by Inge & Arthur Miller Morath


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Flag bunting on porches, weathered faces, deserted roads and fields and rusty hinges: these are the images of country living that photographer Inge Morath has compiled. The setting is Connecticut but the scenes are reminiscent of other areas as well, representative enough to strike a chord, distinctive enough to warrant further examination. There's the obligatory white spired church, taken before a darkening sky (one of five full-color shots), a generous sampling of landscapes, townfolk, Main Street scenes, and farm houses, and a few interiors--both stark and busy. Accompanying these photographs is a rambling, free-associating text by husband Arthur Miller, a 25-year country resident; aware of his city limits and literary orientation, he remarks on country living as a style, finding ""vitality in its contradictions as much as its consistencies."" Tucked in are cameos of local favorites, eccentric or otherwise, and a gentle history of the changes he's witnessed since land became ""real estate ""--fading values, lost continuities, a ""fracturing of community."" Despite a few coy captions, this is a homegrown, textured album that moves beyond personal experience; even city slickers can find a place here.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1977
Publisher: Viking