AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE by Inge Trachtenberg


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A novel arranged around the early days of Freud who appears with ""Kuss die Hand"" benevolence -- and sincerity notwithstanding, it would be difficult for anyone to rise above the hobbling situation(s) the author has chosen and the climate of Sehnsucht, passionate longing ultimately released. When Lucy, naive and prim, but capable of being a ""voluptian"" (so says their kindly and enlightened family doctor August) marries Herrmann Rosenkrantz, it is only to learn later what has been withheld from her by their families -- he is an epileptic with the ""failing down"" sickness. She too has headaches, partly due to her frustration as wife and mother (parturition seems inadvisable). For a time there is other interference -- Lucy is subjected to the sapphic advances of Daphne, Herrmann to those of her sister. But finally Lucy and Herrmann, prodded by August, go to Vienna where Freud restores both to full health and each other. . . . By the author of So Slow the Dawning and gravid with sentimentality.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1974
Publisher: Norton