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This is the case for economic defense, presented in a dramatic and startling way -- an outgrowth of a 16-page pamphlet published in Washington by the chairman of the American Council on Public Affairs. In its present form -- printed on one side of the paper only, and bound in memorandum form -- it contains; two briefs, one to Hitler, revealing a plan for economic conquest of the Americas, and the other to the President, challenging our government to immediate action. This is a terrifying book, showing how easy and how absolute an economic conquest of America would be. The focus is on Latin America, the text shows how by internal disruption and dissension, by radio and press propaganda, by emphasizing similarity in cultural outlook, Latin America can be won. This would leave the United States no free market, no raw materials -- beyond our own supply. After this ""peaceful blitzkrieg"", Hitler will control American interests abroad, will have a monopoly trade control, will render gold worthless -- and squeeze America out. Then the challenge to avoid this eventuality, to move quickly, to learn to put national interests above business benefits, to cultivate good will, to cooperate with Latin America rather than draining her of valuable minerals, rubber, etc. An interesting and terrifying book, based on statistical findings, on commercial activities today. The material of the original pamphlet is the best ""self starter"" for the book.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1940
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran