CITIES AND MEN by Inman Barnard


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Memoirs of a man who rabbed shoulders with celebrities and notables, who witnessed in person many international complications, political intrigues, successes and reverses. Back Bay Boston -- Harvard -- years in Egypt as a close friend of Khedive Ismail, Sir Richard Burton and General Gordon. Then secretary to James Gordon Bennett, which position gave him an international passepartout. Inside story on Mayerling, on the Czar Alexander I who became a monk at Athos -- and, whether you believe him or not, the stories are good reading. He know several kings, Victor Hugo, Tennyson, Stanley, Pasteur, and the pages are filled with lively reminiscences. Now, over 90, he is acknowledged Dean of the American Colony in France.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1940
ISBN: 1166131769
Publisher: Dutton