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An Introduction to the Thought and Worship of the Church, this volume is unusual in several respects. In the first section, it aims to present an authentic picture in depth of Catholicism in its different parts and as a whole through a series of essays selected from the writings of some of the best European and American theologians who, in the opinion of the editors, have said best in each case what respectively had to be said on the separate topics covered. Accordingly, men like Cardinal Suhard, Dom Charlier, Karl Adam, Gaston Salet, S.J., Yves Congar, O.P., A.M. Roguet, O.P., M.C. D'Arcy, S.J., P. Benoit, O.P., Yves de Montcheuil, S.J., Gerald Vann, O.P., Cardinal Newman, Archbishop Goodier and the distinguished editors themselves contribute to the formation of a book on Catholicism that has great depth, clarity, internal consistency and existential import. The second section provides the reader with first-hand sources of information and material to be savored for its beauty and truth in the form of ""the documents"" of Catholicism, such as the various creeds that have been formulated, the texts of the Mass, of the rites of the Sacraments, and of the liturgical and devotional prayers in use in the Church, excerpts from the great books of Catholic spirituality, and quotations from modern papal pronouncements. The editors are to be congratulated on the successful way in which they set about to achieve their aim ""to provide the serious student of Catholicism, be he Catholic or non-Catholic, with those materials which will put him in basic and solid contact with the theology and prayer of the Church.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1960
Publisher: Meridian