TORPEDO 8 by Ira Wolfort
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The grim and heroic story of a Bomber Squadron which in a little more than three months carried out thirty-nine missions of attack in the Battle for the Solomons, and which chalked up two carriers, a battleship, nine cruisers, a destroyer and a transport to their credit. Wolfort's hardhitting style -- and occasional softer, human touches -- makes holding reading of it. The action involves Swede Larson's squadron, Swede who is out of Omaha, big, slow and deliberate, and always tougher on himself than on anybody. After Midway he changed the slogan from ""Attack"" to ""Attack and Vengeance"" -- and here are the operations they put through --unhesitatingly -- against the Japs, against a bird in hand of cruisers and destroyers, against the ""Tokyo Express"", a night see train, against ground targets, etc. And as a story of independent action, of young men who were to die -- and know it -- it is both sad and stirring.

Pub Date: July 13th, 1943
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin