DOODLEBUG by Irene Brady


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The ""skinny, dirty, shaggy, lame black pony"" that Jennifer outbids the butcher for--a far cry from the Beautiful Black Stallion with Flowing Mane and Tail of her dreams--turns out to be a Cinderella horse with a difference discernible in his impossible-to-sit, high-flying trot: he's a registered Hackney Pony, and naturally a champion, as the-owners-from-whom-he-was-stolen tell Jennifer when they happen by. Snooty Myra sulks off on her devalued chestnut mare, Jennifer is in tears--until nice Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, recognizing what she's done for Doodlebug (and that he ""can never win a show ring with that limp""), propose that she continue to care for him; they'll bring mares to visit so he can breed more little champions just like he did at home. As obvious as they come, but Irene Brady (America's Horses and Ponies) does know the turf well enough to hold the horse-wise.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin