THE OUTSIDER by Irene Cleaton
Kirkus Star


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Genteelly entertaining, period romance with murders for a fillip. From London to Edinburgh in the 1820's comes Lucetta Linton, orphaned, almost penniless, to live with her uncle, the Lord Advocate, and his daughter Jane, Lucetta the conflicts among the people with whom she is thrown, -- Duncan Hardis, interested in anatomy and desired by Jane; Lord Dunniston, from ne'er-do-well to wealth; Gordon Shackleford, shrewd assistant to her uncle. Mary Halkerston, badly treated by one and all, and her hated brother. James Halkerston. James is killed and Mary as suspect tells of her solitary drinking, her old affair with Dunniston, her fear of everyone. Lucetta finds her own dislike of Hardie poisoned further by rumors of his body-snatching. When James' grave is robbed, Mary killed and Lucetta is in the thick of it all, terrified by Herfie, quissed by Shackleford, snubbed by her cousin Jane. But she and Hardie realize their love for each other, and with this revelation comes the knowledge of who the killer is, just as young Shackleford arrives at the same conclusion...Near-Gothic in atmosphere and romantic flavor, but there is an indefinable quality of likeness in approach to the Carpenter novel, Experiment Perilous. Don't miss this. It is out of the rut.

Publisher: Little, Brown