ZANDRA by Irene Fekete


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Philip Warren, 31, a casual, and fairly conscienceless, sophisticate, hits a roadblock in a life which has been free of any attachments when an automobile accident immobilizes him perhaps permanently. Going alone, except for a nurse and a faithful servant, to his family's summer house in New Jersey with its memory of his sister's death, he relieves the discomfort of ""bedsores, boredom and hot compresses"" by keeping a journal (this book). And along with the visits of a priest, of some of the ladies of the community, there's a young girl -- Zandra, and for the first time he faces life and his own dereliction through the clear-eyed candor of her eyes. With his recovery comes a capacity for remorse, for love, and finally pain as Zandra proves the impossibility but permanence of their attachment for each other by taking her life.... Not important, but ingratiating, and Miss Fekete handles her plaintive, poignant romance gently but surely.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1962
Publisher: St Martin's Press