ENEMY IN THE SKY by Irene Hilton


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For an older age group than the Bluey books, this also shifts from Australia England during World War II where the makeshift and making-do aspects of life on the home front (rations, queuing, shelters, etc.) frame the more serious events to follow. Bob Foskett is 15 and with his friends has a club where they engage in bomb ite finds and shrapnel souvenirs. His mother works; his father is off in the war; and he would like to take a more active part in it. This becomes possible when his home is bombed, his youngest brother and his mother killed, and he and a surviving sister are evacuated to the country. There he manages to trap a Nazi spy... Perhaps in the interests of her readers, Mrs. Hilton has slighted the emotional side effects of Bob's tragedy, but the background is realistic enough and the story should have a more than commemorative interest. It's likable enough.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1964
Publisher: Westminster