SPACE ALPHABET by Irene; Illus. Peter S. Plasencia Zacks


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A"" is for apple? Not these days -- ""astronaut"". The rule of sore thumb for alphabet books is to go straight to ""Q"" and see what's up. Neat side step here -- ""Q"" is for questions you ask about space"". It could easily have been -- ""Q is for quantum physics and quantities of energies"", especially if you'd peeked at ""K"" beforehand. This reads, ""K is for kinetics the science of force and motion"", illustrated by a hula-hooper in motion. This requires at least one double take and deeper think. With the grand exception of ""K"", there are no Space Age terms here that are not used with more flair by the younger set than by their elders. Each letter of the alphabet shows up clearly in a style that dates from Roman times and each carries a colorful illustration that is a pleasantly chunky cartoon.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1964
Publisher: Prentice-Hall