THAT ARE LEFT by Irene Kampen


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Following the often funny true Life Without George (a divorcee's dilemmas), this fictional forget-me-not is a reminder of what it was like to be young and just married and often just widowed during the war. It is also a requiem for some who survived-among them Lissa and Dallas McLain, and Lissa's best friend Patty. For now, from the familiar stance of husband leaving wife- after Dallas has fallen in love with a younger woman, this goes back to their boy meets girl beginnings on a midwestern campus; their Pearl Harbor marriage and Dallas' air corps training; Lissa's camp following in the south; to what they shared together, or endured separately; and the period of waiting and working in New York with Patty- who gets her telegram; until finally their story works its way back to the present some twenty years later... Basically no more than book-form magazine fiction, but this is not to be deprecated: there are nice moments of identification and some smart touches.

Publisher: Doubleday