ARTHRITIS ALTERNATIVES by Irene & Laurence Gadd Gadd


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A competent overview that adds little to previous arthritis guides except a detailed resource listing for sufferers. The authors present standard basic information on what arthritis is, the forms it may take, the traditional treatments by medicine and surgery, and some alternative treatments (clinical ecology, diet, homeopathy, chiropractic); they summarize the findings of current research (including DMSO studies in the private sector). Almost half the guide is then given over to an annotated listing of resources: from practitioners of traditional and alternative therapies, to self-help groups and manufacturers of various home-care products. The material on the disease itself has been more extensively covered elsewhere (most recently, in Carol Keough's Natural Relief for Arthritis, and the Arthritis Foundation's Understanding Arthritis); the resource listing is a convenience that will quickly be outdated.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1985
Publisher: Facts on File