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LA PROIE: The Prey by Irene Nemirovsky

LA PROIE: The Prey


Publisher: Sequana Selection Albin Michel

A very readable if not particularly significant novel of a modern opportunist. Ambitious, idealistic, but of no birth and no means, Jean-Luc is soon defeated by the depression. Deeply in love with his mistress, a girl of wealth and standing, he is frustrated here when she plans to marry one of her class. He then determines to succeed at the cost of all values, forces the girl to marry him by making her pregnant, and then sacrifices all emotions and principles in his ruthless pursuit of success, continual bootlicking to ensure his goal. In the end he is defeated when he finds that he is the victim of all that he has passed by and no longer can regain through human relationships. Intelligently portrayed, and convincing, if an old, old story.