YOUR CHILD'S HAPPINESS by Irene Schumo Seipt


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A Guide for Parents"", largely new parents, emphasizes the word balance but also indicates the value of love as a basis for the solution of all situations and a determinant for the right relationships. Doing things together, sharing interests and chores, encouraging a way of life in which all members of the family- particularly fathers- participate, this is the touchstone whereby solidarity and stability can be achieved. The handling of jealousy feeding, training, talking, discipline, fears, sex education, school, relatives, play and reading,- these are the specifics which you have met before in other books of this type- handled in pretty much the same way. Mrs. Seipt, from her experience which is practical, indicates there is a market of parents still bewildered by too many books- any one of which however will duplicate the method and material here.

Publisher: World