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by Irina Argo

Publisher: Vampire Elite Series

An innovative take on the vampire mythos, fusing erotic romance with dark fantasy.

Perhaps the most impressive element of this novel is its meticulously constructed back story featuring a vampire race born from the blood—and bloodlust—of a vengeful Egyptian goddess. To complement this new race, the angelic Amiti were created by Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty, to “unlock the love hidden within the vampires.” Amiti and vampires were drawn to each other like magnets, and their union, called a “blood-bond,” promised to unlock revelatory powers in both participants. But the vampires, cautious of the Amiti’s potential power over them, began hunting down and enslaving them, keeping the Amiti as “bloodstock.” The novel’s main storyline revolves around two half-sisters, Simone and Arianna. The first Amiti queen, Istara, is their mother; Simone’s father is Tor, the vampire king, while Arianna’s is another Amiti. In a world where the two sisters should be mortal enemies, they’re instead the best of friends. But can Simone save her sister from the enslavement that awaits her? The novel is powered by a cast of well-developed characters and virtually nonstop action and also includes subtle, significant themes, such as the innate capacity for every creature to love and be loved: “Love at its best…was a reciprocal flow of energy, but even when it was not flowing in, it could still flow out. Like a bird, love made its nest in every heart.” As the story unfolds, the scope of the narrative expands exponentially and, at times, flounders from too many tangential storylines. That said, this novel will provide a fine meal for readers who enjoy literary fare with generous helpings of intrigue, action and supernatural sex.

An appealing, if slightly unwieldy, read for fans of paranormal romance.