THE SOUP STONE by Iris--Adapt. & Illus. VanRynbach


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It's not clear that we need another rendition of this popular tale--Marcia Brown's Stone Soup is still the standard--but VanRynbach presents an acceptable version as her first picture book. Choosing Revolutionary-era New England as her setting, she lovingly depicts a pretty, pastoral landscape with trim colonial houses and such details as a well-sweep, a well-equipped larder, and period toys, done in pen-line and glowing watercolors. Her people are somewhat wooden (especially the soldier tossing the stone into the pot from such a distance that it's about to create a considerable splash). But the text reads well; having the soldier pick up a new stone as he leaves town (he has generously given away the previous ""magic"" stone) is a nice touch.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1988
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Greenwillow