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HUNTING EVE by Iris Johansen


by Iris Johansen

Pub Date: July 16th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-250-01999-8
Publisher: St. Martin's

After escaping Jim Doane, Eve Duncan navigates the Colorado wilderness to gain her freedom, while the people she loves scramble to find and rescue her.

Jim Doane is a father determined to avenge his son’s murder, and to that end, he has kidnapped Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor, to reconstruct Kevin’s skull. But there are other reasons he wants Eve under his power, secrets in Eve’s past, of which she's not even aware, that will place her in grave danger. After learning some of Doane’s intentions, as well as the shocking truth that compelled him to make Eve a pawn in his deadly plan, Eve has escaped him and must keep out of his reach in dense forest far removed from civilization. Doane is a lifelong hunter, but Eve has great instincts, along with some tricks she’s picked up from her lover, Joe, an ex-SEAL, and she manages to hold her own. Meanwhile, Joe, their adoptive daughter, Jane, and a small posse of new and old friends and allies are using every weapon at their disposal to find Eve. The quest will force Jane and two possible love interests to work together; demand that Joe partner with the mysterious Zander and his enigmatic assistant, Stang; and forge an alliance between Margaret, a complex psychic, and Dr. Kendra Michaels, an investigator with finely honed powers of deduction and observation. Working in different corners of the country, the three teams will ultimately wind up in the same forest where Eve is fighting for her life, but a couple of surprising turns will make her Doane’s hostage again. In an explosive final scene, all seems lost until Margaret opens the door to hope—and another cliffhanger ending leading to Book 3. Johansen’s second in a planned trilogy revolving around Eve’s kidnapping and (readers can only expect) rescue will keep readers engaged in Eve’s fate and intrigued by the many characters who are working together to bring her to safety. 

A layered, thrilling read that will likely motivate fans to read the final book, too.