MECAN by Iris Noble


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A story of Canadian farming life at the turn of the century reflects the solidity of its background and the spirit of those engaged in working a new territory. Megan Griffith, an orphan, is taken there by the Jones family-- the Jones' need an extra hand and after Lloyd Jones loses his girl to another, he looks upon Megan as a workhorse replacement- at which she rightly takes umbrage. Then there are their neighbors, the Andoris, a Polish family, and Lloyd proves very un-Canadian about them. However Anton is a very good friend to Megan. As the story proceeds at a low pressure pace, it is as sturdy as burlap in the details of homesteading and husbandry and the characterization is soundly realized. A certain drama is provided at the close by a mine accident, trapping many of the men and boys- Lloyd and Anton too....

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1965
Publisher: Messner