IT LOOKS LIKE THIS by Irma E. Webber
Kirkus Star


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This is sub-titled A Point of View Book and the level of interest lies on the margin between Picture Story books and Books to Read Aloud. Certainly it has to be used by an adult with a fairly advanced four to six year old. It is an interesting idea and in simple and concrete terms presents a basic principle. Four mice live in four parts of the barn and see the other occupants of the barn from four angles, -- front, side, rear and top. Front mouse is sure his view is right; side mouse is convinced his is right; back mouse thinks there is no other view; and high mouse is certain they are all wrong. Then comes the cat, and they happen to be together and see the cat from each angle, and learn that it all depends on how they look at it. The sketches are just such sketches as might be drawn on the blackboard, and an entertaining and lively story teaches an important concept. Heavy boards.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1949
Publisher: Scott