BITS THAT GROW BIG: The Story of Plant Reproduction by Irma E. Webber
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BITS THAT GROW BIG: The Story of Plant Reproduction

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Those who know this author's adroit handling of many of the fascinating aspects of nature and plant life will rejoice in this successor to Travelers All. For here- without whimsy or sugar-coating- are straight facts of what happens to seeds in the process of becoming plants, of other methods of plant reproduction (roots, cuttings, and so on), of sports- and their new importance in everyday life. Practically every new idea is dramatized by a suggested experiment in which home materials and some seeds are needed. Some of the experiments show immediately what they signify; some involve time of growth,- two days, a week, a month or even two. Too bad the processes of nature can't be hastened as the two month span for an experiment- indoors- seems over long. But that is about the only criticism one can levy against an excellent and valuable book. Young people can be readily interested in processes of plant reproduction. This provides an ideal introduction.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1949
Publisher: Scott