KATY, BE GOOD! by Irma Selz


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A rhymed story written in an Amish dialect tells of Katy Zook who visits her friend Alison in a New York City penthouse. Katy's reactions to skimpy meals, baby sitting, air conditioning and New York department stores are mixed with curiosity, wonder and joy. ""Katy, be good!"" was father's warning and Katy intends to, despite the temptation of flowered bonnets, compacts, shaving sets and other worldly gift ideas for herself and her relatives. The little Amish girl remembers grandmother's proverb -- ""Useful is good"" -- and proceeds to purchase aprons, cookie bins, pot holders, handkerchiefs and other suitable items. Katy's good spirits and devotion to her own way of life come through without a tinge of martyrdom, making it easy for readers to understand her last observation -- ""As happy I am coming home today, As I was to be going away."" Expect strange phraseology throughout,- it comes naturally after awhile.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1962
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard