FRIDAY NIGHT POKER or Penny Poker for Millions by Irv Roddy

FRIDAY NIGHT POKER or Penny Poker for Millions

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The few poker books in the past few years have been directed toward the heavy gambler-and the anything but friendly game of cards, and this is the ""first"" book (the author- the publisher) for those who enjoy a sociable Friday, or Saturday night, with low slake limits. Variations of the game, seven card stud, high low games, stud and draw poker, etc., are discussed along with a good deal of problem hand illustrations which will help you to figure the probabilities in what is essentially a game of skill - not chance. Mr. Roddy, a devotee of the game, also includes the bluff, strategy, and deception which are also necessary player pointers.....

ISBN: 1166127788
Publisher: Simon & Schuster