YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL: Ideas That Work for Mothers Who Work by Irvina Siegel Lew

YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL: Ideas That Work for Mothers Who Work

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A handbook to ease the life and the workload of working mothers. According to Lew, 86 percent of wage-earning mothers come home from work to another full-time job--the raison d'etre of this book. Delegate responsibilities. List priorities. Examine guilt feelings. Eliminate chores. Throw out. Phrases like these occur over and over in the book, which covers child care, household management, transporting children and general ideas for using time more efficiently. Workbook pages in every section contain questionnaires, lists and charts intended to lead the working mother step-by-step to a happier, less harried life. Would a busy woman find the time and inclination to complete them? Although many of the suggestions seem obvious and trite, some may serve as useful reminders to jog a memory. Much of the content applies to women who live in a comfortable income bracket, whose problems run to hiring household help and transporting children to dancing classes. Jew's role models are near-stereotypes of successful career mothers, their lives neatly in order. Thus, some useful ideas, but not of much value to a mother struggling to help support her family on small salary.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Publisher: Atheneum