TRAGIC ISLAND: How Communism Came to Cuba by Irving Peter Pflau

TRAGIC ISLAND: How Communism Came to Cuba

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Here is another book in the recent stream of literature on the Cuban revolution and in its outlook towards the situation on that island it is fairly comprehensive. Its author is one of the countless American journalists who were present during Castro's rise. The major burden of his book is to show the direction towards Communism that Fidelismo has taken since that time. His documentation, however, is at least debatable though his investigation seems honest and he does attempt to weed out dubious material. Possibly the greatest fault in a book dealing with the growth of a revolution is that the author himself reveals a notable lack of perception of revolutionary movements. The book does not expose anything new with regard to Cuba but there is a wealth of material directly experienced by the author which adds to the fund of information concerning Castro's revolution.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1961
Publisher: Prentice-Hall