BUYING COUNTRY PROPERTY: Pitfalls and Pleasures by Irving Price

BUYING COUNTRY PROPERTY: Pitfalls and Pleasures

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Although slanted toward the prospective buyer of rural property for home or hide-away -- this patient, thorough tactical guide should be immensely helpful to homebuyers everywhere. Mr. Price, a country dweller himself, moves in on the operation presenting every loophole with its appropriate plug. He reviews all aspects of financing, negotiating loans, various types of fees, selection of realtor and lawyer, closing costs, and those final estimates. He discusses tax assessments (head the assessors off at the pass with a pre-purchase conference); zoning problems and analysis Of property and house (water, utility, structural matters, etc.). There is also a chapter on fitting in among the natives: smile, smile, smile but be wary of accepting a post on a local planning, zoning or improvement committee: ""Local town boards use the committee method. . .to pass the buck to a powerless group."" Experts will undoubtedly spot omissions, but this is a very desirable property for the novice.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1971
Publisher: Harper & Row