A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT by Irving Schiffer


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Written by the Liberal Party (here Progressive) former PR Director now en route to joining Mayor Lindsay's staff, the most that can be said for this is that with a handshake here, a handout there, it serves as an identification game if you like to play pin the campaign button on the donkey. It takes place just before the electorate goes to the polls and you'll recognize all the men at the top: paternalistic, testy, honest power broker Lou Rabin (Alex Rose) and his Vice-Chairman Pizensky (Dubinsky), now threatened by newer elements; the Mayor's enemy, Governor Warren Wilkerson; Mayor Casey Bohland, feared by dem ""Dems"" and Republicans alike; etc., etc. and that newer element above -- Shelley Greenfield -- a really rotten City Assemblyman who's not above using anything or anyone -- even his girl (black District Leader Barbara) -- to get ahead. There's not much story; the sex is obligatorily obvious; and it's all expressed in kneejerk cliche or ""plain English. . . fuck and shit.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1972
Publisher: Arlington House