LUST FOR LIFE by Irving Stone


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This stands out among the advance Fall offerings by the amazing push that is being given it by almost everyone who has had a chance at an advance copy. The prepublication orders two months ahead of publication are sufficient guarantee of its initial push. And, more important still, it's a grand book. Remember the excitement caused by The Moon And Sixpence, which virtually put Somerset Maugham on the map? This book has the same sort of market, for it too is the story of an artist, Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch painter whose life reads like a penny dreadful, so full it is of adventure and color and originality. Those who read Meier-Graefe's biography of the man, will feel on familiar ground, and yet not for a moment be bored; those who remember the chapter in Craven's Modern Art will have had just enough to whet the appetite for more. Those who have no interest in Van Gogh for art's sake, will find the story amazingly good reading, simply from the point of view of fiction. There is none of that sense of artificiality that only too often accompanies fictionization of biography. One feels that the conversations must have been exactly as presented, that the psychology back of the erratic proceedings is unerring. Watch it. There's a big chance here. And the publishers are standing back of it a hundred per cent.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1934
Publisher: Longmans, Green