EASY WAY DOWN by Irving Weinman


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Harvard-educated N.Y. cop Lenny Schwartz, sleepless bemuse druglord Roberto Cruz may have put out a contract on him following the death of Cruz's predecessor, Juan Montanares, in Virgil's Ghost, packs his bags for Florida and gets a snootful of Miami vice. But even before he gets on the plane, Schwartz gets an inkling of what's in store when he calls his family friend "Aunt" Rose in Miami and finds out that his quiet, elderly cousin Abe Ziegler has just been gunned down. Landing in Miami, Schwartz gets seduced by his police liaison officer, Linda Gomez, in record time, but her S/M cravings do nothing to clear his bead or assuage his trademark guilt. Despite the obligatory attacks on Schwartz's property and person. Cruz insists he isn't important enough to kill, but his investigation into Abe's murder turns up so much evidence of skulduggery--saintly Abe evidently led two lives, one of which had close ties to mob lawyer Sonny Weinstock--that the attacks continue (Rose is kidnapped in a nicely understated episode) until Cruz decides to let Schwartz lead him to the free-lancers who hijacked $3 million in drug money before getting rid of them all in an excruciatingly symbolic hurricane. Despite the usual dollops of sex, violence, violent sex, and wising off, a step down from the twistier plotting of Virgil's Ghost.

ISBN: 449-90446-6
Publisher: Ballantine
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