A NATION FIGHTS BACK The Depression and Its Aftermath by Irving Werstein
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A NATION FIGHTS BACK The Depression and Its Aftermath

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A moving and penetrating account of the great Depression --its prelude and aftermath sweeps forward with the verve and enthusiasm of a Project Twenty documentary. As the sober slogans of the Wilson era give way to the hearty good fellowship of the Reign of Normalcy, a naive and exuberant America rushes headlong into a decade of ballyhoo. The flapper bounces in; Lindbergh flies the ocean; Capone builds his empire; the stock market craze is on; and success and prosperity rule with a sure hand. And then Black Thursday -- by far not the blackest of days to follow. The false assurances of a dying administration crumble beneath the cold reality of a dying America. How did a nation fight back-attacked from all sides, by economic chaos, the panic panaceas of fascism and communism, and the most venomous effect of Depression- the degradation of the human spirit? The slow and painful climb upward is told with equal drama -- against the background of F.D.R.'s three terms. WRA, AA, PWA, CCC, TVA- an alphabetical jigsaw but the answer to the Battle of Anacosta Flats and American morale. The spirit and history of a phenomenal era is given intelligent and dramatic interpretation in a chronicle forevery aware young American.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Messner