THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY by Irving Werstein


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From a score of authoritative sources including ships' logs, personal narratives and newspaper accounts, the author has pieced together a detailed accurate report of a crucial battle of World War II, the battle of Midway, only an atoll in the Pacific, but our outermost stronghold in that area. Complete with maps and diagrams by Ava Morgan. the American and Japanese positions and advantages are assessed. Events going on aboard ships of both sides, among Marines, sailors and pilots as well as their leaders, actual battle scenes, the defeat of the Marine fighter planes and the subsequent retaliation of our Task Force, are supported by vital statistics and quotations. The tense foreboding preceding battle, the aura of taut expectancy among men are woven into a dispassionate narrative which will be well received by an audience interested in the general subject.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1961
Publisher: Crowell