OVER HERE AND OVER THERE: The Era of the First World War by Irving Wrstein

OVER HERE AND OVER THERE: The Era of the First World War

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What this adds to The Many Faces of World War I (1963) and other, better histories of World War I is negligible: a mosaic of items and occurrences intended to contrast preoccupations over here with the course of the war over there. But what does the price of a roadster or a theater ticket signify (especially without indication of relative costs)? or a destructive fire in Salem, Mass.? or the long-awaited defeat of Jack Johnson (five pages in a brief text)? That Americans were busy is unquestionable; why they were minding their own business is another matter--and here the account of the Mexican contretemps is germane. That part of the book which recapitulates the battle action is highly simplified; so is the outline of events at home, most of which (e.g. woman suffrage, suppression of civil liberties) are related with more passion than precision. The mosaic method requires greater selectivity and finesse, and the history is only an echo.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1968
Publisher: Norton