AMONG THE PEOPLE: Encounters with the Poor by Irwin & Elizabeth J. Thompson -- Eds. Doutscher

AMONG THE PEOPLE: Encounters with the Poor

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This book is mostly about poor people and the kinds of encounters they have with the rest of us and we with them."" It is drawn from a number of disciplines, based on the work done by the Syracuse University Youth Development Center and the New York State Mental Health Research Unit. The editors, in the interest of relevance, raise the question of whether the poor are the same everywhere, point to the across-the-board statistics and analysis of ""the unemployables,"" the environment of the affluent society and the nature of man in confirmation. They feel the scholars who have been ""where the action is"" have avoided some of the common palliatives. The study is divided into five sections: encounters with the poor: the system (the gatekeepers, intercessors, organizers -- ""Can the Poor Transform the World?"", youth); trying to grow up (delinquency, schools--atavistic, occupational learning); health (Poor but Healthy?); and an extension--It's the Same Everywhere (the social isolation of the urban poor in a Puerto Rican Shanty Town, unemployment, human concerns in a mass society, etc.), Grounded but not parochial this comes to grips with social dynamics, is essentially of interest to involved parties.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1968
Publisher: Basic Books