TIP ON A DEAD JOCKEY: And Other Stories by Irwin Shaw

TIP ON A DEAD JOCKEY: And Other Stories

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A refreshing collection of good stories meets the time-honored test of telling a good tale -- all too rarely an attribute in today's stories. That in addition they offer variety in type of story, setting, characters is on the plus side. Modernists may feel that as a whole the collection provides no new techniques, strikes no new note. For many readers this will be a relief- as it was for this reader, who is thoroughly fed up with the morbid, the esoteric, the stream of consciousness introspective type. Some of the tales handle post-war adjustment problems in different ways.- In the French Style and The Beeeater, specifically. Middle aged marital problems- suspicion and insecurity- provide springboards for A Wicked Story, Age of Reason, The Kiss at Croton Falls. Youth from the small boy in Peter , through college years in Then We Were Young, and the twenties in Voage Out, Voyage Home strike a contrasting note. There isn't a poor story in the lot.

Publisher: Random House