THE DUKE SNIDER STORY by Irwin Winehouse


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A new writer in the line-up of Favorite Sport Biographies writers, Winehouse gives an accelerated account of that ""picture book hitter,"" The Duke, formerly of that story-book team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. This makes a running commentary of the record book and the newspapers-- the Duke, certainly in the last few years, has been given a hard time and handed it right back to the fans and the sportswriters. It also summarizes his years in professional ball; his first offer in 1944 when he was under 18; the Series record he established in 1952; the Player of the Year Award in 1956. Always an erratic hitter, with long seasonal slumps, Duke's last years (and now he's with the Mets) have been troubled as much by a trick knee as an easily triggered temper. Still, he has always been an exceedingly popular figure at the plate and the gate.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1964
Publisher: Messner