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PEBBLE IN THE SKY by Isaac Asimov


by Isaac Asimov

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1950
ISBN: 0765319128
Publisher: Doubleday

A preview of the pattern in the Gallactian era -- when Earthmen -- and their planet are despised and untouchable. Projected into the future is retired tailor, Schartz, of Chicago, by a freak combination of nuclear physics and he becomes the subject of clandestine experimentation by scientist Shekt. Unwillingly he also becomes party to a plan to save the Galaxy empire from annihilation because of his newly instilled ability to learn to know others' thoughts. He is instrumental in breaking down Dr. Bel Arvardan, high ranking Sirian, to join with Earthmen in defeating the plot to wreck the cosmic government, and to love an Earth girl. A science fiction which reflects current bias and prejudice, this has all the up to date trimmings.