THE GOLDEN GLORY by Isabel McLennan McMeekin


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Tom could run fast....Sunday was the best rider....Rain Cloud was the strongest swimmer"", but all the three had in common was their devotion to each other -- the white boy, the Negro and the Indian. Born in the colony of Virginia, the trio spend much of their time on Tom's plantation and in the surrounding woods. An important part of their time was given to hearing old Uncle Laz tell of the lost good luck charm brought over from Africa, known as the Golden Glory. The boys' first trip to Eagle island, where the charm had first disappeared, proves fruitless and before the second expedition, many adventures sidetrack the search. Tom receives the gentlemanly clothes he had so long admired on young George Washington but offers them to Rain Cloud when the Indian saves his life. And Sunday wins an important race. After a blood-brother pact the boys return to Eagle Island and learn that wild eagles were responsible for the theft of the Golden Glory. Ironically, the emphasis on brotherly love has an artificial ring in a story too consciously ""legend-like"" and too enmeshed in superfluous side plots to convince the reader.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1963
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce