THE GOD OF THE MACHINE:- An Inquiry into the Nature of Government by Isabel Paterson

THE GOD OF THE MACHINE:- An Inquiry into the Nature of Government

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A lively, tightly reasoned, though not always compact in form, modern view of political structures, from the days of the Phenicians (her spelling, not mine), to the United States and her part in today's war. On the evidence of the long circuit of energy, with its ebb and flow and diversion, here is a stimulating, argumentative tracing of the record of the dominance and decline of nations, of ideas and accomplishments, of concepts and mechanisms, of functions and structural defects, that seismographs the high and low potential points of world history to the conclusion that the United States is the personification of the Age of the Dynamo, whose uses can, and must, contribute to the cause of freedom. No phase of development, exploration, genius, invention, is too small for her curious consideration, her conclusions include countless aspects of past and present, industry, commerce, politics, wars, leaders, principles, economics, society, production, credit, education. She has a refreshingly nonconformist sense of the past and a stinging feel of the present. Not a book for pickup, casual reading, but for savoring inventive thinking and spirited writing.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1943
Publisher: Putnam