GOLDEN MOMENT by Isabella Holt


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Olive Hume, an extremely pretty young girl, who has never been outside of Wetaqua (a solid, small town in the middlewest) thinks of love as ""a moonrise that comes up over the horizon and changes everything to silver"". Her metallic color scheme of life also includes ""golden moments"" which she experiences first with Brian Pell- from the big city (Minneapolis), with an impermanent past and a vague magazine project as a future. In spite of her parents, who had expected her to marry Joe Brundage next door, Olive makes the ""unfortunate marriage"" with Brian and goes on to New York where they live in a small, shabby apartment, where Brian's finances are sketchy, where she retains her naivete and fortunately her Wetaquan practicality. But the ""golden moments"" are very few, particularly after she has a child- and Brian spends most of his time in Washington. Joe Brundage proposes to her from time to time, so does a friend of Brian's who tries to make her see that the man who had once charmed her, now exploits her. And it is only after Brian asks for a divorce, that she accepts Joe Brundage, and makes the half-hearted marriage which becomes meaningful some years later..... Prosaic as much of this seems, it is also real and readable- so that it affords an ample, leisurely woman's novel where feminine readers of several generations should find a comfortable frame of reference.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1959
Publisher: Random House