WOMEN ALONE by Isabella Taves


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On the frown free face of things, it would seem that the author's generally sensible admonitions to widows and divorcees is safely within the Ann Landers mugwumping overview; however, some ladies who answered Miss Taves' questionnaire and whose remarks are copiously quoted, are probably the zippiest batch of swingers ever assembled for similar purposes. Just as well that the author (a widow) has given the livelier correspondents a wide berth in her wholesome conclusions. For example, a Massachusetts divorcee solved the zipper problem by enlisting the aid of her local police. From divorcees: ""If I knew how to meet a man, I wouldn't be talking to you""; (re money) ""All those kind men are out to rook us."" From widows: ""I'm not going to marry and become an old man's nurse""; ""The -- smoked himself to death and here I am with five children."" Throughout the author proffers sympathy, endless case histories and anecdotes, and advice on all aspects of coping and courting. Familiar, weathering through guidance, but the mavericks are more fun.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1968
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls