A SPY IN WILLIAMSBURG by Isabelle Lawrence


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From the author of The Night Watch, a quite vividly written story of Rembrandt's life (p. 282, 1952) comes this neatly packaged mystery of pre-Revolutionary War days that follows the part played by young Bon Budge in the capture of a British spy in Williamsburg. Ben is a blacksmith's son and works in his father's shop. The time is 1774 and the boy is very much alive to the stopped-up political events that seem to be leading to open warfare. When Washington and Henry come to town for meetings, they do business at the Budge's shop. Then Ben's detecting leads to Giles, a neighbor's nephew with British sympathies, and the thwarting of a raid, and the boy earns the patriot leaders' recognition as well. Adventure and atmosphere in a polished story for the age group, albeit the is familiar.

Publisher: Rand McNally