COLLEGE BEGINS AT TWO by Isabelle P. Buckley


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The author presented many of the same views in her Guide to a Child's Stored which appeared in 1954-- a time certainly less attuned to the central philosophy which radiates throughout both books. Namely that parents should be less unbending in the bending of their twigs: The title too seems somewhat deliberate in its design to attract the pressuring parents of today's pressured youngsters. Very early in the book and the game she establishes that discipline, routine, concentration and responsibility are the foundations of successful achievement later; parents should have a consistent program involving courtesy, conduct, habits, control, all buttressed by religion and respect; ""indulgence is out""; and there is special instruction for fathers as well as mothers and teachers. There is a brief commentary on the curriculum and a subject by subject breakdown although none of it is more than minimally developed. The book is firmest in its tone of voice and addressed to the less sophisticated parent.

Publisher: Morrow-Whiteside