HRENGARD by Isak inesen
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The publisher's advertising on this states that this is "" of the last works Isak Dinesen completed before her death..."". Hopefully, we interpret this to there will be more to come, for this was one of the great story tellers in the traditional oral sense. Her work comes up with a balance and clarity when read aloud that is seldom met with or matched in today's stream of print. She called these Gothic Tales, fairy tales with dark shadows. This is true and apparent in Ehrengard, which is a long short story, concerned (on the surface at least) with the dynastic complications of a small, but turbulent duchy-- the house of Fugger-Babenhausen. Ehrengard is the young Valkyrie at the center of the complications. As she is drawn steadily, even relentlessly, deeper into an unwanted role in the conflict, her development and her loyalties are subjected to the pressures that surround, but do not overwhelm, her. Sub-surface levels of the story are reader's guess- and reader's challenge. For Dinesen's special audience.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1963
Publisher: Random House