FROSTY SNOW by Isobel Harris


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Nine-year-old imaginative play supplies the background for this light story which is seriously hampered by inferior illustrations, and lack of careful development. Frosty Snow, who tells the story herself, loved her New York home and especially the park where her Norwegian friend, her Chinese and Japanese friends come also to play make-believe. When her beloved Godfather, the world traveler, comes, she is disappointed because he is not staying long enough for a visit to the park, but when Frosty tells him about the wonderful make-believe land she and her friends have created, he decides to stay in New York and go to the park with Frosty. The author has not quite caught the excitement of the make-believe games, but Frosty is a bubbling youngster if a bit young for her age.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1951
Publisher: Holt