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Controversial in the extreme, this ""black"" to the ""white"" of Roy Hendrickson's Food Crisis -- a book in direct contradiction to that book, and wholly damning the entire food situation today. The authors acknowledge that they speak as laymen; they seem to have an inadequate amount of statistical evidence to back their opinions; and the tenor of their sermon is -- to put it mildly --obstructionist. They believe the situation is critical; they blame it on too low price ceilings, on Land Lease, on excess production of livestock and inadequate feed supplies. (The one point of agreement with Hendrickson.) They attempt to debunk the nutrition experts, claiming that emphasis on milk, eggs, meat, etc. is overdone -- we should shift to grain -- there is no ""ill fed third of a nation"". They deny the relation of inflation to rising farm prices-urge free range of food prices to absorb surplus money. Wholesale condemnation of governmental attempts to control distribution of food, and criticism of rationing, as discriminating against those who can pay the price. There is some space given to problems of machinery, labor, etc. Why this book?

Pub Date: Feb. 12th, 1943
Publisher: Knopf