CKEL MISERIES: A Collection by Ivan Gold


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Gold is a contributor to Esquire etc., with some exciting first-rate situations moving a coterie of originals to the tune of a noisy, jagged prose virtually showered with commas. Gold's characters -- restless travelers, overseas Army men, garrulous city adolescents -- move feverishly within their sealed worlds of the Army, the ship at sea, the city hangouts. A traveller, seeking sleep, is haunted by violence and the threat of death in the form of a demented ""World Citizen"" forever crossing the ocean (our century's answer to Hale); a Negro scapegoat is brutally killed through the random rituals of a peacetime army; a rabbinical student places himself in inflexible juxtaposition to the Army- brothel circuit in Japan; a teen age gang responds enthusiastically and then incomprehensibly to the availability and later refusal of a local girl. These are not pleasant stories -- there is violence grindingly tiresome conce sex, and much , dreary conversation. However, the limited locales are not airless, the characters uncover a buried depth and there is often trenchant social comment. When the author allows his men and prostrate women to leave the bedroom, brothel and barracks, he may have a great deal to say. This may well be a brand new talent to hear more from.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1963
Publisher: Viking