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This volume for Catholic youngsters contains seventeen short sketches of heroic work done by modern Catholic missionaries, mostly priests, brothers and nuns of various religious orders laboring in different parts of the globe and engaged in different kinds of pursuits and adventures in connection with their essential task as soldiers of Christ. These stories of Christian inspiration, high adventure, dedicated work for humanity and personal heroism are told in a simple and lively manner calculated to interest and edify at the same time. There is the story of a mission doctor in Africa, a flying bishop in New Guinea, a priest-biologist who catches snakes on the Gold Coast, the priest-organizer of the Legion of Mary imprisoned by the Chinese Communists, a medical missionary nun who performed difficult operations in Pakistan in the mide of war, a laboratory nun who discovered a vaccine for leprosy and many other stories of hardship and adventure in the service of Christ and the Church in far flung corners of the earth. Catholic boys and girls generally will undoubtedly enjoy this book and derive spiritual profit from it. It could serve as an occasion of awakening a vocation to missionary endeavor on their own part. Imprimatur.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1957
Publisher: Farrar, Straus