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A CIA agent comes to London to deal with a pesky professor, gets beaten to the punch by parties unknown, and is subsequently pursued himself by both the Brits and the Yanks without his ever knowing quite why. John Goolan studied at the London School of Economics 20 years ago, when the student movement was at its most ghastly. Now with the CIA, he is back again in London, where most of his old classmates have long since shed their radical skins and become Achievers. Goolan is supposed to be looking up and seeing to one Professor Moresby, who has gone from being a fashionably pacifist instructor to being a phenomenally successful apologist for the pro-nuke and NATO crowd, but he seems to be reverting to his old ways--which will make him quite an embarrassment to his intelligence chums. Before Goolan has a chance to lay out Moresby's official options to him, somebody else gets to the professor, and his murder is reported even as his fans and friends have gathered to praise him. As Goolan goes digging after the facts among his fellow alumni, he is unpleasantly surprised to learn that his employers are dissociating themselves from his actions and that persons unknown are dogging his steps with unfriendly intent. Such comfort as he finds comes from the sister of the girl whose untimely death and lost love rendered him sexually impotent for most of the last 20 years. Witty and fast.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1988
Publisher: Watts