GREEN SILENCE: Travels Through the Jungles of the Orient by Ivan T. Sanderson

GREEN SILENCE: Travels Through the Jungles of the Orient

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Thanks to his wife, who edited the unfinished manuscript and wisely warns that ""this account should not be taken as strictly 'historical',"" we have the story of the late Ivan Sanderson's first encounter with the jungle (or rather the Tall Deciduous Equatorial Evergreen Closed-Canopy Forest) he so loved. Young Sanderson acquires a pet gibbon in Sumatra, discovers sea snakes in the Celebes, examines the flying insect-eating Kaguan in Malaya and enjoys all sorts of surprising encounters with unlikely people. However the ""natives"" are more often viewed as surprisingly clean and articulate specimens of local fauna. Sanderson claims to have been quite enlightened for his day and milieu and probably was, but despite his ambition to become an important naturalist and collector, he was probably most successful as an indefatigable raconteur -- occasionally long-winded, but always on hand with yet another exotic animal companion.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1974
Publisher: McKay