THE DYNASTY OF ABU by Ivan T. Sanderson
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A whopper of a book on the ""history and natural history of the elephants and their relatives past and present"" takes you all the way from paenungulates, gomphotheres, stegodons, mammoths and mastodon, to olifonts and loxodonts (bush and forest) and the existing members of the races and species today. The nature and origin of the Abu, the relationship to man, how they are caught, tamed and trained, the scourge of the ivory hunters,- this, and more, is a background for material on performing beasts, their character and intelligence, their tribal and everyday life in their wild state and how they die. Sanderson is impressive about the ""glorious, dignified, royal, wondrous creatures"" and his correlation of known history and facts is interspersed with some speculation from the evidence so that this is never as ponderous as the proboscideans of which he writes. Those who have followed his previous works on monkeys, mammals and whales will be pleased with the pachyderms and the illustrations by Sidonie Coryn.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1962
ISBN: 1163816302
Publisher: Knopf